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Founded more than ten years ago when Andrea Boschetti and Alberto Francini joined forces and expertise, Architecture and Urban Design practice Metrogramma has been engaged in a wide range of planning and development briefs. Their approach remains unchanged whatever the breadth of the project in hand.
Projects like the densification of Bolzano (Habitat BZ 2001), the urban development of Ravenna’s docks (Epicentro Candiano) and now the new UDP for Milan demonstrate their combination of technical operative skills and experimental outlook for the contemporary city.
Currently the practice is working with students from a range of Italian and foreign universities on a research project aimed to transform Broadway in Manhattan, New York into a long pedestrian boulevard. Very recently the practice, together with a group of urban-development specialists, set up a new company called Grammatiche Metropolitane, a collective unit aiming to develop research and handle briefs in the area of contemporary urban generation.
As well as its contemporary urban design and research interests, the practice is also engaged in many important architectural projects both in Italy and all around the world. These range from residential and hotel to the tertiary complexes.
The continuous drive to push back horizons and explore unchartered areas has earned Metrogramma numerous awards. These include the 2003 Gold Medal for Italian Architecture and the Award  for Merit in Culture and Art of the President on Italy. The practice has shown at some of the world’s key exhibitions and international meetings: the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2000, 2008 and 2010, the London and the 2008 Brasilia exhibition.
The key focus remains the relationship between context, ideas and vision. Each project adds to the baggage of know-how and forward thinking for which the practice is renowned.

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